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            Greystone International Leadership Group

  Helping you manage the people side of life and work

          A global community of value-based leaders committed to economic sustainable solutions

    for business, education, government, and non-profit sectors

​Thoughtfully driven to succeed in all we do, Greystone Leadership focuses on creating value-based cultures for organizations. We help you manage the people side of life and work by providing strategies and solutions that offer greater understanding and insight into factors that cause conflict between people. 

Greystone consultants are value-based leaders, educators, social scientists, researchers, practitioners, and organizational experts within the corporate, government, education, and non-profit sectors.  We offer HR trainings, courses, workshops, and online assessments to help individuals, couples, and organizations reach their potential. We help develop leaders, build strong and effective teams, and create systems of success while helping you achieve a greater sense of yourself and others. We design research and data collection methods that measure behavior and analyze protocols, address legal and ethical concerns to align behavior, and provide policies and systems to meet your changing needs. Using a wealth of comprehensive personality, occupational, and analytical assessment tools, we identify strengths and weaknesses in order to help you resolve conflicts, create successful behavior in life and the workplace, and improve systems that result in greater fiscal success.

​Whether you are looking for individual change or undergoing a full organizational transition, Greystone Leadership offers customized business management and HR consulting solutions to meet your needs.