Kanye West lacks Character, Integrity, and Grace

Kanye West. Epic fail. You had a global opportunity to right an egregious wrong you committed six years ago. Instead, you took the moment to share with the world the internal narcissistic ramblings of your true “artist” self.  Your own ... continued

Understanding is not enough. Comprehension brings full measure to all we do and the heart is where it happens.

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This is the first in a series of discussions on leadership and teaching and how both intersect within the corporate, education, government, and non-profit sectors.

Leading and teaching can many times be interchangeable positions because as leaders we find ourselves teaching others on many levels. Whether we are mentoring, encouraging, or creating new paths, the ability to educate others to view or solve a problem in a new way requires skills that both teachers and leaders must possess. While this list is not exhaustive, there are several character traits found in outstanding leaders that mirror those also found in outstanding educators. When you compile the list, it forms an impressive statement of qualities exceptional teachers and leaders must acquire in order to be effective and successful. While not all teachers possess all of those mentioned in this short post, the key is to strive towards incorporating these traits into the life-long journey that comprises teaching. ... teacher

This essay explains how comprehension exists through a cognitive process that is spiritual, mental, physical, psychological, and emotional. These three verses found in John 21 are masterful in helping to explain the process of comprehension and why. While the example is scripture based, the process is the same for any situation.  Please extrapolate in accordance with your needs and situation. 

 vv. 15 – 17 connects us to Jesus’s prediction in Luke 22:34 where Peter’s faith fails and three times he denies Christ. John now continues this story so we see how it ends. This is another example of how God layers his Word in order for us to achieve understanding and comprehension in its fullest measure. This story continues where Luke 22:34 ends.  The story continues just a few days later.

It is interesting that Jesus chooses .... continued