This full day workshop provides employees with the legal trends, compliance issues, and ethical dilemmas most organizations face in today’s workplace. Recent enforcement actions taken by the National Labor Relations Board regarding social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are covered; current trends in EEOC enforcement and its impact in the workplace, Family Medical Leave Act litigation updates, and Employee Rights to Privacy and the level of privacy employees can expect are examined. Ethics and morals are discussed regarding the law, decision-making, and behavior not aligned to organizational values. Working in groups, participates engage in meaningful resolutions of ethical dilemmas in order to improve the decision-making process and to reinforce understanding of both law and behavior violations.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Understand updates, trends, and common law violations employees make in the workplace
  • Recognize the legal and emotional consequences on co-workers when behavior is unaligned to organizational values
  • Learn effective strategies to proactively resolve conflict with discretion
  • Understand the impact personal values have on perceived misconduct
  • Make genuine long-term systemic change while strengthening teams and relationships

Benefits to your Organization:

  • Fewer violations in policy and law
  • Increase understanding of organizational behavior and its impact on co-workers
  • Reduce conflicts and tensions
  • Build cohesive teams for greater efficiency
  • Improve employee retention and job satisfaction
  • Understand the top risk areas within employee relations

 Benefits to You:

  • Enjoy a more harmonious work environment
  • Make decisions aligned to organizational values
  • Improve self-awareness of personal behavior and co-worker space


  • Handouts

Organizational Behavior and Law

Building cultures aligned to values

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Law and Ethics in Today’s Workplace: Trends, Violations, and Behavior

​Presenters: Robert W. Liles, J.D., M.B.A., M.S
                   Regina Durante, Ph.D