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Teams & Couples:

Cross-functional teams
Matrixed relationships

Time: One Day
Location: Your site or by video conference


Create strong teams    Develop effective interpersonal skills

​One relationship at a time building a sustainable future

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  • Executive Leadership Program Preferred
  • Complete your online 15-minute Personalysis assessment
  • Review your full 13-page report and Report Guide
  • Outline your goals for your personalized training.


  • Understanding individual strengths in relation to the team
  • Seeing the personality of the team as a whole
  • Dealing with underlying issues of communication, trust, and commitment.
  • Creating a clear vision for the team as well as a plan for moving there
  • Reduced misunderstanding, mismanagement, mistrust, miscommunication, and conflict
  • Higher team productivity and improved team morale


Presenter Regina Durante, PhD

Organizational change and transitions are never easy. Stress can be created often making team members uncomfortable. This can be exhibited through behaviors

that negatively disrupt the work environment. Often, co-workers are adversely affected, as well as morale and production. Having greater insight and understanding

into the reasons for conflicts leads to positive intervention strategies that resolve tensions and restore a harmonious and balanced work environment.​​

​Couples also experience stress and conflicts at various stages of a relationship. Learning effective strategies to resolve issues creates a strong foundation

from which to build a sustainable future. 

Greystone Leadership offers a dynamic workshop for couples, team members and departments to learn effective interpersonal skills while thriving during personal

or organizational change. Utilizing the Personalysis Group Dynamic Profile (GDP) tool will foster effective team development, understanding on how the team

operates as a unit while creating strategies to strengthen team accomplishments.

Purpose: To enhance team performance.

Desired Outcomes
You will be able to:

  • Describe the strengths and potential blind sides of individuals
  • Identify assets, trends, and vulnerabilities of the team
  • Compare and contrast individual profiles with the team’s profile
  • Analyze current state of the team’s functioning
  • Develop action plans for the team and individuals to impact team performance