Program Curriculum and Development 

  • Leadership curriculum development
  • Project management and oversight
  • IT solutions and system analysis
  • Communication system development
  • HR programs for sensitivity training.  
  • E-learning training and curriculum for on-boarding and continuing education​ 
  • Conflict management, negotiations, and resolutions
  • Integration of cultures for mergers and acquisitions
  • Processes and programs for executive selection
  • Board development​ 
  • Retirement and succession analysis and planning

A leadership development, teambuilding, research design, and education company offering business management and HR solutions to corporate, education, government, and non-profit sectors. We help you manage the people side of life and work by creating conflict resolution strategies and solutions to improve work performance. We offer personality assessments that result in greater understanding and insight into personality strengths and stress factors that cause conflict between people. We create instructional design and HR protocols and policies for ethical governance that enables a value-based culture to develop and thrive throughout your organization.

     Building value-based relationships, fellowships, and communities for the greater good

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What We Do


Manufacturing plants

​Small businesses


K12 schools

Government agencies and offices

Local townships 



Counseling centers

Medical groups

Law firms



Community centers

​​​​​​​Business owners        

Career consultants        

Organizational consultants

Life Coaches
Executive leaders        

Team managers                    

​HR directors                             


Financial planners
Board members          

Educational leaders        

College and graduate students

Young adults               

Returning workers                

Mid-career workers



Who Uses Our Services

We use scientifically developed personality and multi-dimensional assessments and methods to help you understand and create:

  • A value-based culture that brings the best support and fit for long-term sustainable solutions.
  • Ways to maintain your organizational vision and mission.
  • Tools to identify, anticipate, and proactively stop stress and exhaustion.
  • Effective and efficient organizational leadership, structures, and approaches to leading and managing others.
  • Successful behavioral and personality styles for tasks and relationships.
  • Predictive methods for anticipating and resolving conflicts.
  • Policy, protocol, and program development and analysis to enhance performance and profits.
  • Career and job interests for choosing and transitioning into the best career for you successfully.

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